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Almond Roca or Cat Poop?


@1, dammit, you beat me to it. I've made Deep Shit Cookies before, complete with litter box, scoop (new from store), and hershey's syrup sprayed on side of box, and they were a spectacular success. Especially when I put the box on the floor without attracting attention, went away for a while, and came back and picked some cookies out of the box and ate them in front of a roomful of people.
Go watch the Brown & Haley assembly line for awhile to get that juxtaposition right outta yer heads.
Careful, when you turn this image upside down to read the solution, right and left will be reversed.
@3 Speaking of cat shit, I was so fucking excited when I found out Brown & Haley were "local" that I called immediately about their factory tour... Fuck Pierson Clair.
kitty roca.