The Stranger's Guide to SIFF 2013

Before You Feast Your Eyes, Read the Menu


Frankly, after perusing through these reviews, I don't think I'm motivated see any of these films--especially "Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth" which I'm sure has neither beauty nor truth. Walker's entire life has been guided by one principle, and one principle only: Her hatred of black males. That's why she is estranged from her daughter, who has said she couldn't live her life based on her mother's views. Walker is one of a cadre of black women authors who have made a living off disseminating ugly racial stereotypes of black males.
Went to see We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks to learn more about Assange and wikileaks - criminal? hero? and what's the real story behind the mainstream media reports. Fascinating movie, wish there had been more time for the Q&A session afterwards.
I want my money back