Once More with Feeling

How LaRae Lobdell, a Photographer No One Had Ever Heard of a Year Ago, Changed the Way We See Seattle Theater


Congratulations, LaRae! Good job seeing a need and filling it, excellently. I remember that shot of Brian Neel, particularly. It's really good.
A couple of years ago here in Chicago, I was told in no uncertain terms by an editor (I'm a theater publicist) that the more conceptual production photos I submitted wouldn't work, and that I had to use the regular boring "put-on-your-costume-and-stand-over-there" kind. I would love to see more interesting images become the standard!
Thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice comment, Louisep! I really appreciate it.

CuriousTropp, it really would be fantastic if theatres changed up their marketing to current, engaging art work. It's the image that captures the readers attention to read the words written in articles and reviews which convinces them to patron the theatres. We are a visually stimulated society and we have only a brief moment to capture attention spans. Why not make it interesting for them?