The Questions The Stranger Asked SPD That They Declined to Answer


You know what those boxes cant defeat? Bricks and rocks and arm strength. Giddy up.
this is how The Stranger is quite relevant.

Please follow-up on this one (particularly the money (which i'm guessing might be federal/corporate)).
I'm more concerned about all the stalking and harassment that goes on around the Internet, especially on Seattle oriented websites. Seems like the same characters follow people around, attack with multiple handles, use threatening or derogatory speech. God only knows what goes on with web cam spying, bullying and other lurking activities.

I've asked SPD via a reporter at the Seattle PI who is putting questions to them as well. It seems like it's high time even local police departments started monitoring and enforcing e-Crimes around town that include some of the things I've mentioned...or at least recognizing their existence and harmful impacts!
SPD needs to answer these questions and yes, theophrastus, this IS why the Stranger is relevant - far more relevant than the right wing rag the SEattle Times that some call a newspaper.