It's the 2013 Slog Holiday Charity Challenge!

Whose Fans Will Raise the Most Money for the Orion Center?


Dan, while you may have been scared shitless and have halted the practice of writing up stories where girls purportedly ask you what do prior to you telling them their boyfriends are gay,

You are the most slanderous writer of the 21st century.

Does anybody else feel that a piece of The Stranger died when they stopped Strangercrombie for this? No creative writing, no unique ways to participate, no random issue of the Stranger taken over by donors, no ongoing tabs on the amount they've raised, etc.
Great cause. Great doings by The Stranger. Doing good.

Can someone tell Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to stop making the "model eyes." Every picture I see of them they're doing it. Stop posing, dudes. You look silly.
When will Macklemore's 15 minutes be up? Not soon enough. What an embarrassment that this is what Seattle holds up to the world...
Macklemore hasn't choked any sound guys in Seattle, which automatically makes me not-the-most-shameful-Seattle-act-of-the-last-five-years.