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A Short History of Failure at The Stranger


Regrets. Duh. Why the hell didn't anyone ask me?

Happy New Year, Strangers!

Can't wait to see who screws next year.
That should say THIS year! 1st Place!?
I regret nothing!
@4 please email me w/more details about this exciting opportunity
Such a favorite each year! Love.
I regret not killing the Deep Godzilla Tunnel.

But I look forward to seeing downtown rebuilt with a functional Monorail after the devastation unleashed by Big Bertha.
I regret wrongly interpreting congressional ethics rules leading to me not donating to Seattlish when I had a chance.

I don't regret finishing school in March, hire me Stranger (BTW when I said I would have donated to Seattlish I totally meant Slog. <3 U GUISE.(*phone fingers at Seattlish* call me (no hetero)))
I regret coming here expecting anything more than glib or smarmy journalism.
I'm bummed that Cienna will be leaving The Stranger, since she's consistently posted and written some of the best content on issues for us ladies & our uteri since she's been on staff. But I was completely taken aback by the sentence, ''Cienna Madrid, staff writer at The Stranger, regrets not being able to identify where the Philippines is on a map, but she says give it 10 years and it won't be on any maps.''

Am I totally misinterpreting this? Is it supposed to be some kind of inside joke or a reference I don't get (entirely possible)? Because it sounds like it's making fun of the Philippines and how ravaged they were by Typhoon Haiyan...and that is absolutely disgusting, if that's the case. Thousands of people died and many thousands more had their lives devastated....so I'm going to hope you aren't making a cheap joke about it.
@8: I regret that I read only as many of your and venomlash comments as you guys posted. I hope to do better next year.

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