Doing It in Public

Eating and Drinking (and Smoking Weed!!!) Outdoors! On Patios! On Rooftops! In Parks! God, This Is the Best Time to Live Here


Yeah, stick it to the man, man.

This is great. Let's all be drunk and do drugs in public, great idea stranger. #cultural marxism #critical theory #the Frankfurt school #culture of critique
Actually this is way beyond Amsterdam. Weed is still technically illegal there.
Well caffeine is a drug as well and you can't throw a rock in Seattle without hitting someone drinking some type of espresso, and have you seen Capitol hill lately? People are already doing drugs in public, I highly doubt throwing weed into the mix is going to throw off the delicate balance of the sobriety state of this city. Perhaps we can focus our attention on people that are really committing crime. You know, like breaking into your house and raping people?