Drinking Outside Versus Pot Outside: Which Is Better?


Great topic, good choice in voices and advocates, but this needed more back and forth.
What if we just kept doing what we've always been doing and smoked / drank where the fuck ever we wanted? The "legalization" has changed nothing except people who were terrified of the terrible "dangers" of this "drug" and the fact that it makes it a TINY BIT harder for cops to harass people of color. Carry on, and PLEASE, if you blaze in the park, share.
Burn corners and trade bowls. Bring different strains / flavors to the table. Weed and social smoking is a communal thing, so don't be a Seattle-ite about it. Say high to each other.
"synanthropic and domesticated" Charles, I think you mean 'un-synanthropic' animals,since 'synanthropic'means ecologically associated with humans and it makes your statement somewhat redundant
@2 I believe what The Stranger is doing is making a concerted effort to speak directly to people who may have just decided to finally try this whole pot thing now that there are stores where you can just walk in and buy it. The legalization has changed a LOT of things. It's changed attitudes especially, which you mentioned. And it's changed them quickly, which is actually rather astounding.

That being said, weed outside is a million times better. Charles' bench story sounds... depressing.