The OFF Festival in Poland Is On to Something

Why did Seattle label Sub Pop just fly half its staff and a bunch of its bands to Poland? What's the difference between a music festival here and a music festival there? And why are the Jesus and Mary Chain so boring?


jesus, you're an ignoramus. a horrible writer, too.
Agree with #1. I got one paragraph into the inane description of the "authors" 12 hour flight and lost all interest in the article. Get to the fucking point next time.
Couldn't disagree more. Great festival write up. Honest and realistic. Love the bit about MIA truth be told I was most stoked to see Mexican institute of sound this past weekend but it's not like I have their catalog memorized like some of their fans and sometimes when I'm cleaning my house I just want to listen to Taylor swift
Great piece. Loved reading it. Great Poles!
I remember when I was an editor of my college newspaper and a new reporter led off their story about the golf team's big match with a paragraph about how you couldn't wear jeans at the golf course. It didn't get published.
As an avid music fan who moved to Seattle after living in Poland for 4 years, I feel the obligation to comment on this atrocious piece of 'reporting'. I should have stopped reading after the first sentence "First question: Where is Poland exactly?". Apparently the US hasn't come far in its glorification of ignorance and anti-intellectualism. And who wants to read your description of what it's like to be on a trans-continental flight? Is Seattle so fucking isolated and provincial that you feel you are unique for experiencing jet lag? Another gem: "Did I mention we were on military time in Poland? WE WERE ON MILITARY TIME." It's called a 24-hour clock, and most of the world uses it. I don't know, I just felt like I was reading an account of a 15-year old's 'First time abroad!'. Oh, and it's cat-o-veetseh not cat-o-wveecheyy. I could go on, but suffice it to say that this article is utter trash. If The Stranger is going to pay for someone to report on an international event, send someone who has some intellectual curiosity and journalistic integrity.
3,700+ words? Editing is cool...
@6 - If you make it, oh, about 2/3rds through the piece, the truth comes out: "By midnight that first night, my 19-YEAR-OLD [my emphasis] would not let me not see Neutral Milk Hotel." Ahhhh... much is explained.
^ "19-YEAR-OLD SELF", that is. (Sigh, don't try to edit your own blatherings end-of-day Friday.)
This is awful. I will pay to keep Emily Nokes home next year.
Agree with Adam30 - bullshit review.
Gee whiz, looks like some people in the comments section got some sand stuck in their vaginas. Fair play to Emily for making a fest-review something more than just "X were good, Y played hung over so were shit, Z I liked once but now they are just eating their own tails, end of". Sure, some stuff's wrong (DhakaBraka are Ukrainian for once) but Jesus Rollerblading Christ, relax about it.