Artist Makes a Feminist Dating App and Calls It Siren

Susie Lee's Interactive Public Art About Sex, Power, and Meeting People


"We considered doing an Android version, but the research suggestes Android users reproduce by spore formation. I mean, sexuality is fluid, but we have to draw the line somewhere."
Pretty much anyone who comments on mainstream news sites is a nutbar.
Yes I am aware of the irony behind this post.
This seems oddly an awfully heteronormative project for The Stranger to get excited about.

That said, I am a cisgendered heterosexual male, and would be personally interested in an app of this sort... If there were an Android version.
Sure. Make an android version though.
Wish it didn't seem so exclusive.

Love to try it!
I'm not sure I get it. The piece says: "You sign up through iTunes…"
But when I downloaded the app it told me "You need to know the right people" and requested an "Invite code." Otherwise, you can sign up through Facebook - yuck.
Can someone explain what the deal is? Did I miss something?
Android/windows phone versions please! This concept is insane.
You have to request an invite code. There's a link in the app.

This is interesting. Women are basically invisible and incommunicado in the app until they reveal themselves to you. So any activity you see is targeted at you, not ambiguous or general.

Pretty cool to know you're getting an affirmative signal.
If I'm to be drawn into using the app as a guy, ho about not showing me a screenshot of a skank with noserings on your webpage?

If that is a sophisticated woman, not thanks, Chief!