Industrial Revelation

2014 Stranger Genius Award Winners in Music


Congrats IR! Sounded so killer at/in The Moore.
I saw D'Vonne Lewis perform recently at SAM and was absolutely blown away, as most of the audience was,by his outstanding performance. Not only hearing him,but also watching him was AWESOME! I am a new fan and can't wait to see him perform again.
Thank you to The Stranger for putting on THE Seattle artistic celebration event of the year! It was an absolutely magical night and all of Seattle's art fans appreciate your efforts to support these hard working people.
I love Mudede's acknowledgement and support of a local musical artist but his opening paragraph reveals a narrow perception of the talent pool in the region. Hey Charles, get out more. It's your job. If you need suggestions, I'm happy to help.
Been watching D'Vonne since I saw him kill it in Bellingham in '06 and Evan since maybe 2011? These guys are legit next level jazz cats and totally stoked they continue to get the the honors that they deserve. Congrats guys!