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Look at These Ladies, They’re… They’re… Animals!


TIL I'm a porcupine
Pfft. The Animal Kingdom has nuthin' on the Vegetable Kingdom, where flowers -- which are really little more than fancy, enormously out-of-proportion plant vaginas -- are on constant display and in a totally promiscuous, un-wholesome and un-Christian display of plant sex. Fertilizing each other, fertilizing themselves - it's disgusting! And pollen too - which is basically plant sperm - drifting on the wind, filling your nasal passages, covering the hood of your car. It's perverted, people, what these filthy plants are up to!
please,kiddies...you are talking to a guy who is into furries and into the furry fandom when i am not gaming...must be a slow week at the stranger...
They left out monkeys.

Those filthy spawn of Satan will lick your starfish for a buck.

I miss Bobo so much.
@4, OMG... Bonobos!
Nice to see the new commenting system attracting so much spam so early.

You forgot to mention the most remarkable thing about those filthy seahorses: the female deposits her eggs in the male, and male is the one who is pregnant and carries the babies to term. You could have also mentioned various snails and other molluscs, which actually CHANGE GENDER depending on environmental variables like temperature and pH. Back and forth, back and forth, just like RuPaul's perviest fantasy.
Also a missed opportunity to talk about female hyena psuedo-penises.
The new comment system is douche.
Pics, or it never happened!
Why do all the above illustrated animal whores look like future Disney characters?
THAT scares me!
Why do all the above illustrated animals look like future Disney characters? THAT scares me!
Sorry about the double post--Comment @12 was numbered @0 a minute ago....?
Interesting trivia. Just wish it wasn't so misogynistic. The bit about the 'spider being violently pierced repeatedly while the female submits signifying that she wants it bad' sounds like a victim blaming rape joke. And there's nothing funny about rape. I know it's about animals and it's all in good fun, but obviously the author is humanizing animals in this article; and it reveals a lot about how the author views the female of the species, human or not.

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