Washington Is the Only State with Legal Marijuana That Doesn't Allow Home Grows

But That Could Change—If You Care About This Issue, Contact These Representatives in Olympia Right Now


Adults should be free to grow what they want as much as they want,as long as they are not selling who cares?
I emailed this to everyone mentioned against in the article:

Thank you for taking the time to read my message,

With 5052 on the horizon, you have the opportunity to make changes NOW that will allow Washington residents to legally grow a few marijuana plants at home.

I strongly encourage you to side with voters and residents and not side with lobbyists.

The King County Prosecutor, law enforcement, most of our legislature, and the majority of Washington residents all favor allowing small scale home grows.

Other states, including Colorado, have clearly stated that allowing a small number of plants to be grown at home has created ZERO problems, while having numerous benefits.

Just a few of the benefits I can think of off the top of my head:

•less red tape and government regulation for a plant we have already legalized,
•the ability to grow much weaker strains at home than what is available commercially,
•the ability for disabled or low income Washington residents to have access to a small amount of product without having to travel long distances or pay retail prices (unnecessary burdens that You are trying to increase!),
•the ability to have access to medication with minimal hurdles,
•and like home brewing, the opportunity for people to learn a craft and experiment at home in a way that will not impact the (much more potent) commercial market.

I could go on.

Very few people will benefit from keeping home grows illegal:

•the 135 individuals lucky enough to score a license (out of a population of 7 million!!),
•the lobbyists raking in money to fight for those 135 people,
•YOU, our representatives who are accepting money from the people who want to control every last penny- even at the legal, financial and medical expense of millions of Washington residents.

The people have spoken and you are on the wrong side of this debate. Washington WILL move towards this common sense law.
I suggest you act now by making home grows legal, and hope the voters that put you in office forgive you for choosing $$$ over them.

Thank you for your time,

Washington resident 34 years, Seattle resident since 2001.
@taxidermist,,,,, it would be great if the legislature would amend I-502 to allow Home Growing, but as I understand it SB 5052 cut's the allowable number of plants that MedMJ people can grow from 15 down to 6. IF the legislators can add home growing without taking away from the MedMJ people I'm all for it.
15 plants a year or 15 plants grown at time? I have smoked my wife and I smoke everyday. for the 2 of us 1 - 2 plants is enough for 4-6 months.
15 plants a year or 15 plants grown at time? My wife and I smoke everyday and don’t even come close to needing the amount that 15 plants would produce. For the 2 of us, 1 - 2 plants lasts 4-6 months (1 plant producing 4 to 8 ounces each). 15 plants grown indoors could potentially produce 60 to 120 ounces every 4 months. 3 grows a year comes out to 180 – 360 oz (11 to 22 pounds). I guess the question becomes does a patient need that much in a given year?
Oscar James, under current rules MedMJ people are allowed to grow 15 plants at any time. If you can get by with only 2 plants good for you but not everyone needs are the same,a lot of people use extractions which require more material than smoking or vapeing. Also not everyone is a successful grower and cannot produce 4-8 Oz. per plant every 4 months, plus sometimes the crop fails for one reason or another. Are you comfortable with the state telling those patients who are getting by with the current 15 plant limit that they now have to reduce their medicine by more than half?
@Oscar James
11 to 22 pounds a year off 15 plants? Are you nuts?? That is 100% impossible, at most you can keep 8 in veg and 7 flowering, Anything with roots is a plant, so in order to have a constant cycle you will have 4 in flowering and the rest in different stages in vegetative. You will have to be skilled and spend so much time/money on your plants to get a pound of flower. What if i want to grow from seed and get male plants? Ill lose so much of what so little I have. Us patients are so limited, I cant even grow my own without spending thousands of dollars, allow me to throw some seeds in my garden and grow my year supply during summer, so much cheaper and much more earth friendly. You people need to stop looking at professionals who invest millions on grows and then tell us patients we can grow at the same rate....# do you even think?
ann rivers lies again, about colorado regretting home grows in their law.

ann rivers is a goddamn liar.