The Most Unusual Art Gift Ever

After Matthew Offenbacher won a $25,000 art prize, he did something radical. He made a conceptual artwork with Jennifer Nemhauser that consisted of buying works by women and queer artists for Seattle Art Museum.


"They collaborate under the pseudonym Daft Kuntz, a name that's a play on "cunts" and kunst, the German word for "art."

I'm going to use this article in my class. Great piece about a great piece.
Something so genteel about this article. I think this article was about politics not art, Real artists want to astonish the world. To be a recognized female artist or queer artist seems to set your sights at an unartistic low; that's fine for regular folk but we are talking about artists, they shuld have higher goals. And these pee pees and kuntz....isn't it all a bit passe at this point...zzzzzzz.....the real revolution---since we're in the political realm here---draw Mohammed with a hard on...
Jen, you rock
Fantastic article--thank you for writing it.
Anyone who argues that what this couple is doing isn't art is missing the larger statement.
Who cares about SAM? The end all be all, SAM---every artist dream palace! Wasn't that quite a waste of money? SAM is just a holding pen for local philistines in which to be herded around to view Impressionists or ancient Egyptian knick knacks. And what's wrong with showing at the Vashion Credit Union? Or a local popular coffee shop or a street fair or a weekly open air market or swap meet? I've become a millionaire buying great art at street fairs (not really but the art that I have bought makes me feel like a millionaire). Why are all you young artists so invested in getting ox-brained, art-despising philistines to love you? O SAM!

When did 'The Stranger' become such a bourgeois institution-fluffing rag? O SAM!Pretty soon it's going to be running wine tasting reviews. 'The Stranger' is 'Seattle Magazine' in drag---O wait, that can't be, 'Seattle Magazine' is 'Seattle Magazine' in drag. Ha!
This is so wonderful and thoughtful. What an interesting project this is, a very probing explanation of institutions and their relationship to contemporary art.
planned barrenhood has a good point. They also have a good name. Reminds me of the Barron and Robin Hood.