Rachel Dolezal Isn't the Most Important Race Story in Spokane

The Media Circus over One Woman Is Distracting from the Underlying Issues That Need Addressing


@3: Which murder victim? "Shorty" or Eric Garner?

maybe you should look up the definition of "Alienating" so you understand what Dolezal meant.
It might be worth noting in the story that Dolezal was
This is me not giving a shit about Spokane.
@3 has it right. Shorty's murder was pretty shocking to his neighborhood, and that billboard would have gone completely unnoticed if it wasn't for Dolezal using it to fundraise.
What are the actual per-capita crime stats in Spokane, broken down by the ethnic group of the perpetrator. I see a backpack allegedly containing a bomb, which is troubling. However, what ACTUAL crimes have been committed? If Spokane is like the rest of the USA, African-Americans participation in crime might be disproportionate to other groups.