Person of Interest: Shannon Perry, Musician, Tattoo Artist


Oh. For some reason I read 'Shannon Perry' and thought this would be an interview about one of the Beverly Hills 90210 actors. But then I realized my mistake: Shannon Dougherty, Luke Perry. Right. The Stranger editors should book those interviews!
Look at that damn hipster
The thought that anyone would for any amount of time think that putting nail polish on their teeth - or thinking that a blacked out tooth is a good fashion accessory, for that matter - is a good idea is horrifying.
nice jorts, brosephina.
Hmm simulation of amputation of body parts for fashion effect.....

Probably, I'm just a hater or some facile something
Well, you are all the idiots who read the online blog of a weekly newspaper who DOES like her fashion sense. So, get a fucking grip and keep it to yourselves, or GTFO.
Yea, the whole black tooth thing is a real turn off.
Yes, get a grip, good point
Rad love the black tooth and the wacky hair.
@6 nah, keep it to YOUR self. we're merely reading a popular blog and these images were foised upon us for the explicit purpose of telling us/hearing from us if it's good or bad. This isn't 2nd-grade tee-ball where everyone gets a trophy and feel good about themself.
The attention requirements are strong with this one.
Why are two of the three questions about her appearance?
Would two of those three questions be about her appearance if it were a male artist?
She has a great look. I'm thinking that the farthest that the people talking trash in this article go with their adventurous fashion decisions is something like getting a slightly more brightly colored north face/patagonia puffer than last year's model.
I had the opportunity to see her work twice.

The first time, and the last time.

But good job, kids, on getting your friend some free publicity.

Beats having to discuss her fashion sense.
@16 other than the truly poor decision about the tooth, she does have a great look.

But I'm more of an REI gal than Patagonia or North Face. And I don't know what a "puffer" is.