The Making of a Memorial to an Unknown Number of People Killed in Jamaica

Ebony G. Patterson talks about her artwork made in response to the bloodiest day in Jamaica since its independence, prompted by a US extradition attempt gone horribly wrong.


It's sad that Obama and Hillary killed those people.

Oh come on. Yes the massacre was horrific but this article is pathetic historical revisionism and selective "reporting."

No mention that the raid was against over 500 heavily armed drug cartel members who only days before had mounted terrorist attacks on four police stations- burning one to the ground. No mention that the gang members, armed with automatic weapons, were using the civilians as human shields.

While certainly the Jamaican cops were out for revenge and committed atrocities - let's stop pretending it was just some out of the blue revolt suppression. The criminal cartels involved bare a huge portion of the tragic outcome.
Considering Jamaica's approach towards homosexuals, perhaps Ms. Patterson can cheer herself up by telling herself that some of those gunned down were homosexual, or had homosexual urges. Then she can sing and dance and be happy that they're dead.