How to Be a Drummer and Not Get Screwed

Six of Seattle's Best Drummers Talk About the Business Side of What They Do


Excellent Trent. I'm a singer and front man, been doing this for almost 40 years in Raintown. I've spent my whole career trying to play with the great drummers.
Hells yes, you ain't shit without a good drummer. And you ain't much of a musician, or even a musician at all if you don't realize this.
And you don't realize why your band sucks. I've seen the crappiest bands get respectable because they found a good drummer, and great bands stay great!
Right now, think about all the bands that you love, the ones that are really good, and think about what your hearing from the kit. Every time you're at a live show, and the band is killing it, pay attention to the foundational why, the drummer is skilled.
If you want to be a good musician, if you want to have a good band, start with a good drummer.
Don't be fool, give respect to the sticks, skins, and who's sitting on the stool!

Not a drummer, but a Drummer Lover.
Sadly, John "Stumpy" Pepys, Eric Childs, Peter "James" Bond, Mick and Ric Shrimpton were unavailable to interview for this article.
Hozoji from Helms Alee should have been included.

The old grunge dudes are extremely boring.
Now THAT'S a drum line. Nice work. Interesting slant. I prefer live drumming always, as opposed to some dude hitting the space bar on a laptop. It's time to phase that phase out of music. Nice Stubblefield shout too. Cold Sweat indeed. The coldest.

You mean Matt Cameron? One of, if not THE, greatest drummers alive on Earth? If you think his drumming is "extremely boring" you are deaf, and blind.
Super quick - does the same hold true for other musicians who are not "in" the band?
You're never better than your drummer.

On the other hand, the number of "Musician Available" ads from people that don't have a car, somewhere to practice, or even their own instrument is dominated by "drummers".
No Von Bon Wheelie of Girl Trouble? She has been drumming longer than half yer list has been alive.