The 2015 Stranger Genius Awards

And the Winners Are...


Genius awards should be given to artists who recognize that our society has about a thousand times as many artists as it needs, and a thousandth as many people working on the real problems as we need... and to those who stop being self-indulgent narcissistic entertainers, when the fucking world is falling apart from massive political corruption, psychotic Republicans, predatorial mega-banks, devastatingly high rent in any city that isn't otherwise awful, catastrophic climate change, insane for-profit corporate news media, and the rest of the global sociopolitical clusterfuck trashing Earth.

We are in a massive crisis in multiple ways, and making art that distracts people from taking action while aggrandizing one's own ego is just self-serving horseshit. Which is most of the "art" that I see.

Though if you are making real Art, and aren't helping people to stay distracted 24-7 from waking the fuck up, well, great. That deserves an award. Though I rarely see that.