The Top 10 Albums, Songs, and Everything Else from the Year in Music 2015


Lets agree to disagree on the top 10 albums and list is radically different. Ain't life grand!?!
Some serious Cabin Games action lurking in here!

Also, I'm pretty sure more of the Top 10 Autotuned notes were flats.
Remember when the Stranger used to have a music editor and would regularly post about music on Slog? Ah, those were the days. It's interesting to me that one of the two female music editors that the stranger ran off this year actually wrote the pitchfork review for your number one album of the year, and yet they still weren't good enough to write about music for the Stranger?

Also not surprised to see Telekinesis make the top ten, considering Sean Nelson wrote the liner notes for that album. I guess it would be a surprise if it DIDN'T show up on this list.
You guys REALLY believe Childbirth has 2 of the best 30 songs this year, and that one of them is #6? Really? If you lived in any other city and weren't friends with them, would you still think that? Of course not. This is why I stopped reading The Stranger for anything music related years ago, it's just a bunch of mediocre musicians jerking off all over each other.
@4: Seriously. Also, "Benji" totally holds up and "Bob & David" was just fine.