Once More into the Postseason with the Statistically Unmatched, Often Heartbreaking Seattle Seahawks

What My Obsession with Seattle Sports Statistics Can Tell Us About Our Super-Bowl Chances


I wonder which local politicians support the Seahawks and which don't? Are any of them Patriot fans?
After last years super bowl. I dreamt and saw the baseball going through Bill buckners legs. Hope it won't take the hawks as long to redeem themselves!
Gawd. What a vast, vacuous waste of human endeavour, on par with religion...
Good lord! Bad lord? lol...My sentiments exactly. Almost. If we weren't in the rabbit hole, we sure are now. I've spent the last several years trying to remove myself more emotionally, and it just doesn't work. (One thing I do not agree with)
'We were given this team. Our affinity to the franchise has nothing to do with the result, yet that does not diminish how great this team has been for us.'
Do you think Paul Allen became a Seahawks' fan sans any local camaraderie? Trust me when I say it's a collective. The Seahawks FEED on us. We allow it, and therefor we are. Get it? Thanks for the VERY Seattle article. GO HAWKS!
Once again, you capture my sports emotional state perfectly.
I feel it is my duty as a fellow heartsick Seattle sports fan to point out that Omar's magnificent double-play partner was Harold Reynolds, not Joey Cora. Cora didn't come along until the '95 season, by which time we had already sent Vizquel to the Indians for Felix Fucking Fermin.
Pretty sure the Seahawks will win the US Open Cup
I grew up a Bengals fan; I never expect to win. Last year, it was a miracle that the Seahawks made it to the Superb Owl; and it was because the Packers let them back in the game trying to demonstrate Sportsmanship. Big mistake.

This year, the odds are squarely against them, and you know it. 3 road wins in the playoffs, likely against MPLS, Carolina, and then AZ is a huge task. There's a reason Wild Card teams rarely make it through, despite their talent and heart. If they fall short, who's going to be surprised?

I'm going to enjoy the game this Sunday. That's it. 1 game at a time.
@3. Churches rarely serve nachos and/or beer. Your point is invalid.
Prediction: Temperature will be 12 degrees at kickoff on Sunday. Go Hawks!
Gratuitous profanity rocks!!!!
Dood, sd knows things!

The Super Bowl participants will be the Patriots and the Panthers, not because I want it thusly, but that's the way the numbers read.

And that's all she wrote . . . .
Statistics seem pretty useless in football compared to other sports. The problem is that there are too many moving parts playing in a state of constant flux (injuries, etc) so that you can never accumulate a meaningful sample size about the thing that's about to happen.
@16 - Not necessarily useless, but yeah, there's just a lot that can happen that's hard to measure. Even Nate Silver is hesitant to predict football. Then again, Nate Silver's website thinks La Taqueria is the best burrito in the world, so they might be idiots.
C'mon! Their schedule was pretty weak, especially the last 1/4. The 49ers are terrible. They beat 2 bad teams - Browns and Ravens. Then they lost at home to the Rams!? And against the Cardinals, Palmer didn't even play in the 2nd half.

@18 the hawks schedule was not pretty weak at all. We played every NFC playoff team at least once (Arizona 2x, Packers, Vikings, and Panthers), except for Washington. And we also played 2 of the 6 AFC teams in the playoffs (Steelers and Bengals). And four of those seven games were on the road. The Rams are clearly Hawk kryptonite with Fisher as the coach. The Rams are built to win in the NFC west. They beat the Hawks, Cards, and 49er's each once, and the Hawks and Cards wins were on the road for the Rams. And Palmer didn't play in the second half of that game because they were getting trounced 30-6 and didn't want him to get hurt before the playoffs. Look at Carolina's schedule and tell me the hawks had an easier one.
and... Lynch is ruled out, not even traveling with the team. sports hernia is a 4-6 week recovery.
@18: as @19 says, it was probably the toughest in the NFC, and that's by design. the Conference Champ gets the hardest road the next year. you get the #1 finisher in another division for starters. we got Carolina. Cards got #2.