The Cloud Room already has 200 members, approaching capacity. It also has work spaces and a bar. Sohail Fazluddin


I thought we were opposed to gentrification?
I feel...alienated.
@1, you didn't get the memo obviously. People who can afford to oppose gentrification, may do so intellectually. In fact I've been told it's a perfect opportunity to demonstrate you social justice savviness.

Looks like if you rent expensive digs, pay$300/month for membership dues at artsy clubs, graze at one or all of Tom Douglas' restaurants, speak intellectually, dress intellectually, and younger than 35 or look it, you get a non-NIMBY key fob and Seattle wants more just like you.

You know, I wanted to get mad at this post, but all four of these places absolutely DO say something about Seattle right now. I just don't like what they say, necessarily.
I too loved the Cloud Room, Liz Dunn, so it kind of pisses me off that this new place (bearing zero resemblance to its namesake) is supposed to be some kind of a "tribute" to what once was.
La, the Cloud Room. Those were the days - the pre-Warrem Miller drink crowd, the piano player, the always empty dining room. The peeing statue on the terrace. I had my 30th birthday party in the banquet room.

I used to sit at the bar and watch the staff giving away drinks to their friends. I have no idea how it stayed in business as long as it did.
I may not know the way in, but I sure know how to show myself out.
Seattle - now L A del Norte! With traffic, and affluenza galore!
TLDR: This is where all the hipsters and people with trumped up senses of self importance should be hanging out.
I strongly preferred the cool artist's space downtown that showcased homeless people's art. Remember that spot?

These places look uninspiring, free of any soul or feeling, and most of all generic.
Q. What do these four places say about Seattle right now?

A. We are seriously fucked.
I live in Via6 and studio apartments absolutely do not start at $1900/month. I live in a 1 bedroom and pay $1750, which I know is a lot of money but because of the building's location and amenities, I don't own a car, and I get the benefit of being able to walk to my (non-tech job) in 20 minutes.
nothing says seattle more than "social club"? WTF. this city is done.
dunno if this city is done, but this crappy paper certainly is. How much of this came directly from a brochure?
Wow, this was a paper that used to stand against this sort of fake high brow bro shit. I guess if you're a local advertiser like Liz Dunn, or a friend of the writers like Michael Hebb, you get a hand job no matter how lame your concept is. Unbelievable. I wonder if there is a man bun hair salon in the basement by the overpriced doggie day care.
Seattle! Now you have to pay to pet cats and write within a group setting. Things you could once do for free...with friends.

This post shows the lack of culture and real community spaces- these places are made for bored tech workers with disposable incomes seeking to do something fun

I cannot wait to leave this city and I've grown up here my whole life

Pike place used to be my favorite place. Now it's for tourists. As is everything else. Tourists, airbnb, and temporary workers.

We are a drifter city.

People stay long enough to realize they miss the sun and have been depressed for months without knowing it. Then they flee to Los Angeles

I'll probably just do the same my fellow hipster bums!
If majority rules, then the Global Poor wouldn't be poor for long . . . .

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