Stacy Peck, photographed at Crybaby Studios, with the mysteriously upright hospital gown she wears while drumming for Childbirth. Kelly O

You have two babies now—Pony Time and Childbirth. Is one of them your favorite child?

I would say they are more like relationships than children. Pony Time is my primary partner who I'm super in love with. Childbirth is my fun fling on the side, who keeps things spicy. My bandmate Luke [Beetham] has taken to cooking us dinner at Pony Time practice, which I love. And being in Childbirth is kind of like a fun, nonstop slumber party.

You also direct music videos—what's the next one you'll make?

My next video will be for musician Corey J Brewer. I'm planning on doing a "panty-hose-on-the-head-singing-karaoke" type of thing. We'll see. They never turn out exactly how I plan, but that's the fun of it.

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In Childbirth, not only are both of your bandmates in other bands—Julia Shapiro (Chastity Belt) and Bree McKenna (Tacocat)—they're both Libras. Is it hard to make music with Libras?

Julia, Bree, and also Luke in Pony Time! Every bandmate of mine is a Libra. Bree and Luke have the same birthday, even. Oh, and my girlfriend is a Libra. SO MANY LIBRAS. I'm an Aries, the polar opposite sign of Libra, so I spend a fair amount of time wrangling people and being the un-chill and uptight one. They all drive me crazy, and I love them all more than anything, so what can I do? recommended