Lynda Sherman, photographed at her print studio, Bremelo Press. Kelly O

"I kiss you, you're beautiful."

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The immortal line from David Bowie's "Five Years," printed in a lightly cursive font on thick, bright-white paper, looks—and feels—all the more striking in this digital age when you can actually feel the ink on the paper, run your fingers over the embossed imprint of the type.

I first saw some of Lynda Sherman's letterpress work at a now-closed Capitol Hill art gallery called The Hard L. I bought a small business-card-sized piece of paper that read, in light gray on white paper stock, "I am a free witch I have nooo guilt." In collaboration with artist and photographer Doug Newman, Sherman printed the last cover of Newman's new publication, The Free Witch Quarterly.

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"I love collaborating with artists," says Sherman. "It's like sharing what I do best." She says this while feeding paper into the 110-year-old Chandler & Price press in her studio. "I want to have a birthday party for this printing press. The last owner named her Adele—not after the singer, but after Fred Astaire's first dance partner, his older sister Adele."

Bremelo Press is located in Seattle's International District. In addition to specializing in business cards, stationery, and other printed ephemera, Lynda Sherman offers private letterpress classes and is ready to take on just about any custom printing project you can dream up.

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