The Marquis Façade, photographed at Cocktails & Couture—a night hosted by Seattle fashion designers Lovewell Couture and Jonquil & Mr Black. Kelly O

"The devil costume was a custom-made union suit with a drop bottom and a drop front," says The Marquis Façade. "It was the first time I had modeled for Jordan Christianson, and he's been my personal couturier ever since. If there's been anything that I've worn in a performance that made someone jealous or say "I want one!" Jordan probably made it. Oh, and the devil's horns were made by Brenda Bryan."

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Jordan Christianson is the powerhouse behind clothing and accessory line Jonquil & Mr. Black. Brenda Bryan is the designer behind Lovewell Couture. The Marquis Façade will next collaborate with performer EmpeROAR Fabulous at Kremwerk to create a fashion house called the Château Fabuleux. Style heads, keep your eye on all these fashionable darlings.

The Marquis Façade will perform at Grotesque Gorelesque on February 2 at Substation, and on February 6 at Arthaus at Kremwerk. Also, check out the designers at and