Do you like movies? Naturally. Do you like modern sculpture? Of course you do. Do you like Junior® Mints? Everybody likes Junior® Mints! Now, you can enjoy all three of these things--and you might just win a free full-series pass to the 29th Annual Seattle International Film Festival! Announcing The Stranger's First Annual Junior® Mints Sculpture Contest.

To enter: Make a sculpture out of the materials listed below, and bring it to the SCCC courtyard at Broadway and Pine, outside Broadway Performance Hall, at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 21. Your art will be judged by The Stranger's crack squad of docents--including world-renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. The winning sculpture will be photographed by The Stranger and appear on our cover. Two winners will qualify for a SIFF full-series pass (each a $400 value)--all for a couple of lousy boxes of candy!

Materials: The contents of no fewer than two and no more than 100 king-size boxes of Junior® Mints; a plate, cookie sheet, or sheet of plywood for display purposes; and NOTHING ELSE. The use of any other materials--including but not limited to glue, toothpicks, shellac, or Milk Duds®--will automatically disqualify the entry. (Note: Artists will be required to present their empty Junior® Mints boxes upon entry.) You may, of course, mash Junior® Mints to create a mortar-like paste. Points will be awarded for creativity, audacity, and complexity. Size of sculpture will NOT be a factor in the judges' final decision.

Questions? E-mail See you on Wednesday.