Film/TV Aug 11, 2005 at 4:00 am

Tickets for HUMP!, The Stranger's first annual amateur porn contest are now sale NOW!


10am Monday I tried to order tickets. The site was unavailable. That went on all day. Tuesday am I tried again - still no dice. Today, your site is available and says that, gee whiz! aren't I lucky, there are tickets available still - for 2 lousy shows. And It directs me to a link - which, surprise! - sends me to a dead-end.
You can't sell tickets, and your paper is beginning to look like a bad imitation of the Seattle Gay News - that is to say, as long as you've got lots of advertising, why should you bother your pretty little heads about content.
So... I'd say FUCK YOU!, but why bother?
Love ya. Really. Mean it.
Jack on Capitol Hill

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