Hey, beautiful spirits. It's me, Hollywood actor Forest Whitaker. Yes. Yes, I am looking at you. No, it's just my eye thing. Yeah, I have that weird eye, you know? What? Okay. A dog bit me on the eye. Yes, really! A dog! Or maybe I got acid in it or something. It's hereditary. I don't know—check my Wikipedia page. What's important here is not the spiritual path of droopiness chosen by my left eyeball, it's my new independent movie, The Ripple Effect, written and directed by Philippe Caland and winner of the Indie Spirit Best Picture Award at the Boston International Film Festival. Join the circle, indie spirits. Welcome.

Every day, hundreds of people come up to me and say, "Forest, you are the best. You are a really, really great actor. Seriously. I love you." And in return, I might offer them one of my lines from my new movie, The Ripple Effect. Like, "You're in a river of light. Scream to the universe 'I am here!'" Or maybe, "The morning light is... it's magical, really. It's magical. It's when... the air... starts to vibrate even stronger, it's... it's almost like the universe is taking a breath. I think today, magic is going to happen for you." Can you feel it? Can you feel the magic? Forest Whitaker, and Forest Whitaker's new movie The Ripple Effect, is but a vessel for such wisdom. This is a beautiful, lucky day.

What do you fear? Can there be joy without pain? Let me tell you a parable, my friend. When the brick maker ran out of bricks, he asked the heron, "Do we create our own realities? Are our realities created by us? Is the universe created from inside us?" And the heron said "CAAAW!" and—God, I wish people would stop casting me in this vapid, pseudospiritual crap. I am so much better than this. Please stop making fun of my eye. It's rude.