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Mike Leigh's Optimistic New Comedy


I saw this film a few months ago in Europe; it is SO overrated and pointless. The only acting even worth mentioning is the role of the psychotic, jealous driving instructor. Otherwise this film is a total zero.

I have absolutely no idea why there are any accolades around this POS. Just because the director has some kind of Auteur cachet? Puhleeze.
I loved this movie, it felt like getting a glimpse into an amazing person's life, a person realistic and developed enough to actually exist. The conversations she had with her friends almost had me on the floor.

If you loved movies like Fast and Furious or Scary Movie, like Karlheinz Arschbomber, however, you'll hate it.
I hated this movie. Poppy's constant cheery barbs and teases are infuriating. No one would stand this woman for ten seconds if she existed. The worst part about the film is that the only character I had to identify with (who hates Poppy too) is a socially malformed racist. I have to read that as a big "fuck you" from Mike Leigh. So fuck you too, Mike.
I'm really shocked by the comments here. Happy Go Lucky was excellent. Poppy's characterization is overbearingly uppity at first, but by the film's end, I understood that this set up was intentional. I think everyone probably knows someone like Poppy, hyperactively upbeat almost to the point of psychosis. Her faults are obvious, but the story goes on to show that underneath her exterior, there is genuine compassion for those who we normally wouldn't think deserve it.

I think it's an amazing meditation on the lengths one has to go to to not lose faith in people. Any fan of Mike Leigh should certainly enjoy the film. He's at the top of his form, IMHO.
Blimey O'Reilly!
Thank you for the article, Sean. I am one of the "upbeat" people in the world, choosing happiness, generosity and empathy consciously (rather than naively) as a means to create a life I love every day. I, too, meet with resistance, derision, or disgust sometimes. So what. That passes by quickly and I'm still left with my joy. I understand some of us are too angry or hurt to give this a try, if they only could! It's quite miraculous. The last sentence in your article was very encouraging and validating! Thank you for sticking your neck out :)
"Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abe Lincoln

Sally Hawkins deserved an Academy Awards nomination for this role. This movie while not the underdog upbeat darling the winsome Slumdog Millionaire turned out to be may stay with you longer because it's more a character study then a plot on rails. It's a great film, the contrast with the "nutter" driving instructor and Poppy is classic.

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