The election is over, which means we won't be seeing Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin on SNL anymore—well, not until 2012, at least. Frankly it's hard to see a need for SNL in the interim, but the show remains on the air regardless and apparently last weekend's show—which I missed—really pissed off the gays. That's a pretty neat trick, considering how much the gays have to be pissed off about lately.

The show featured eight sketches with gay themes and they were all, according to Defamer, variations on three themes: "1. Men kissing or otherwise enjoying each other's bodies. 2. Men acting effeminately. 3. Men describing the sex they've had with other men." During Weekend Update the audience booed when Prop 8 was mentioned, and host and head-writer Seth Meyers looked annoyed and said, "OK. Votes over." Now Meyers, defending the show in a damage-control interview with the Advocate, says the show wasn't anti-gay because it wasn't "mean-spirited."

Says Defamer...

The point isn't that the writing was mean-spirited; it's that it's lazy, and dated, and relies on gayness as a punchline unto itself. Two openly gay mechanics in love bickering over their wedding plans is actually a premise that could produce some well-observed comedy. But two deeply closeted mechanics admitting to sucking dick in glory holes, then suddenly announcing their engagement, is something else entirely. It's a Yes on 8 ad.