SNL's basically a right-wing show now, isn't it?
Do people still watch SNL?
If this premise is true, places like Pony are also ads for Prop. 8.

Something some of us have been saying for a long time, only to be derided as a troll.
I've been trying to tell you SNL is shit for months.
I actually enjoyed most of the gay sketches and thought of them as pretty solidly pro-gay. The only one that made me cringe was the swishy backup dancers - that seems like an offensive, played out stereotype without any real joke besides "They're fags! Hilarious!" But the Snagglepuss bit I think serves to remind people that gay shit isn't that alien. It makes me think of my grandparents in Tennessee watching and enjoying Paul Linde in the center square every week.
Dan I thought about you when watching because there is a scene where Andy Sandburg gets half naked (it's blurred out)…
You can watch 30 rock online at ... try it, it's a great way to watch Ugly Better and other ABC shows in realtime and then catch up on 30 rock with Tina Fey!
to look at this blog, and many others, you might think that "gay issues" were kind of a big deal this week. think that had anything to do with their "themes?"
The point of legalizing gay marriage is to extend the same civil rights to everyone, right?

And this does not require putting kinks into the closet and trying to convince everyone that gay sex is vanilla and monogamous, right?

My point is, shouldn't you be saying "I deserve equal rights because I'm human, and fuck what you think about my sex life?"

Instead, you seem to be saying "I deserve equal rights, and I need to change how I am perceived by society to get the votes."

In other words, do you want equal rights, or do you want gays to be considered "normal" by society at large (by "normal", I mean mainstream and boring)?

I thought every sketch they had was pro-gay and mocking people for passing prop 8. Maybe that's because I'm not gay and I also don't get offended easily?
butcha awh, ecce! you awh a troll!
I'm not convinced SNL's habit of chronically re-hashing jokes that haven't been funny for years is the result of bad politics so much as just terrible writing. This show has been treading water for a long time. It may just be that this is what unfunny writers come up when they're trying to be topical -- tired, tone-deaf sound-bite humor.

They're just mining for the next golden catch-phrase.
I remember being bored when I was watching it. The kissing family sketch seemed like more of a joke amongst the cast than for an audience. They're all like, "we're all going to kiss each other and it'll be funny because we're so uncomfortable doing it!" Boring.
Funny, but SLOG and SNL seem to both be doing the same things...for the same shrinking audiences.

I thought it funny that SNL couldn't restrain itself from making Republican jokes even though the whole thing is over...and they still deify Barack Obama so there's no humor coming from that side of the aisle.

What's left? Just what you see...nada.
Andy Samberg is one funny dude.
the problem was that most of the sketches were along the lines of "look, guys kissing is funny" and "look, guys acting swishy is funny." that was the extent of the joke. nothing further. it's lazy and boring.
I bet Garrison Keillor liked it. It's just the cartoon skit he needs to validate the same kind of humor he uses about gays who want to adopt kids.…
Slog's audience is shrinking? What kind of laced Kent grass are you smoking Bailo?
i didn't think it was an anti-gay show. if anything, it seemed like an eff u response to prop 8 by giving gay characters lots of visibility. and it's not like you go to SNL for carefully nuanced chracter acting. everyone on the show is basically performing a caricature, so a show with lots of gay themed skits is going involve lots of gay stereotypes. there is so much more important shit to get offended about than "snagglepuss."
Oh fer fuck's sake, Savage, the world is not against you. Get your paranoid head out of your ass. If you stupid queers were as good at being politically effective as you are at complaining about everything, you'd be married already. But instead you bitch and moan, expecting that to replace the HARD WORK. Have fun staying unmarried, queers.
I watch SNL some weeks and don't laugh once, but I always seem to watch. Tina Fey brought a little class back to the show when she appeared as SP. I love Snagglepuss in cartoons, but didn't find the skit very funny. Seth Meyers is one of my dream boys. I know people who know him, and they tell me he's a very, very nice guy. He's been off-the-wall almost his entire life and has traveled extensively - based in Amsterdam(!) for some time. I'd be very surprised (and very disappointed) if his intent was to offend gay people. And in the Advocate interview not once did he say, "Oh, and by the way, I'm straight," which is a good sign that he isn't worried about perception. That suggests the best kind of simpatico. I think SNL was just stooping for laughter. Loved Justin Timberlake in a jazz danskin. Would have been funnier if the other two guys in that skit were more for realz about dancing with Ms. B. Gay dancers would have been breathtakingly perfect (and JT came pretty close).
The extent? It's a fucking sketch comedy show they have to find new material for every single week. I love people who complain that SNL isn't what it used to be. It's ALWAYS been this way, always waxing and waning, having high points and lows. There's a reason the put out "Best Of" DVDs. none of them have ever been perfect. People seem to have some mythological sense of awesomeness for the show back in the 70s, when all they've seen is reruns. Most of the people here were too young to fully remember the shows or grasp the jokes. Except maybe Old Man Savage.

SNL is hit and miss because sketch comedy is hit and miss. It happens.
I didn't think they skits were all that anti-gay. But they were extremely not funny. I can't think of the last SNL skit that wasn't current events or politics-related or a digital short, that I thought was funny. I definitely have enjoyed the political/current events stuff from the past year though.
#10 Sam> No, I don't think it's just because you're straight -- because I'm gay and felt exactly the same way. Some of it was funny because it was subversive and/or stupid; some of it wasn't because it was lazy. Just like all SNL skits, just with a higher ratio of gay themes. None of it was any more offensive than any other SNL sketches are -- unless you find things not being funny offensive, which is a valid argument.

People who find things like the naked Andy Samburg/Paul Rudd video or the kissing family anti-gay are living about 20 years in the past and totally missing the point.
Most of the gay sketches came off as supportive, not homophobic.
But we're only happy when we're playing the victim, right?
I think the SNL gay sketches are kidding on the square. They're cheeky enough for gays to get a giggle, and snotty enough for bigots to get a laugh. I think they're shit and outdated because they rely on gays being intrinsically funny. Like their horrible "Gays in Space" bit. SNL is like "Are You Being Served" or something. Even "Will & Grace" seems dated now.

There was a great sketch from 2000 or so where frat guys wished for some real lesbian action, and got exactly that.…
I'm with Sam @10. It was funny and not anti-gay at all. Jesus Christ.
SNL sucks. Don't they know you can say a lot of mean things about a lot of different people as long you do with with a wink, with a smile, and with some modicum of talent?
Now this is just reaching. Did you think the "scared straight" sketch was about gay themes, too?
Wasn't Paul Rudd the guest? And didn't Timberlake make an appearence? I'm pretty straight and can attest that those two dudes fall under the straight guys man crush category. It's a real phenomena and they were just playing it up. Gay folks need to stop opressing us staights and our secret gay fantasies.
Obviously, gay people are feeling a bit sensitive after the passing of Prop 8. Understandable.

Still, SNL is a great show, and it's plenty gay-friendly.
Some people are too easily offended. I didn't watch the whole show, but watched several clips on YouTube. They played on stereotypes, but I didn't find it offensive at all.

And I thought Justin Timberlake in dance tights was both hilarious and bizarrely hot.

Well said!!! The SNL myth (was funnier in the past than now) has been repeated so many times as to almost seem a fact. But that's pop culture for ya.... Ever watched a Murphy/Piscopo era SNL? If that is funnier than a recent SNL episode I'd be surprised. Sam put it best sketch comedy is hit or miss. I guess those without a DVR/TiVo can't "mine" for gold and find the best sketches week to week. Forget Snagglepuss when is Bobby Moynihan going to bring back his homeboy waiter charachter "How can you not smell that pepper??!!!"

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to the local bar to drink PBR and tell everyone who will listen that major label debuts are worse than their indie label predecessors, books are better than films and that communism works in theory....
Clearly I've won this thread.

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