Film/TV Dec 18, 2008 at 4:00 am

Yes Man: Like Drunken Sex, It Just Happens to You


Terence Stamp has been slumming it for years now. Loved him in The Limey, but the years since haven't been as kind. The nadir? Last year's little-seen Mormon massacre docudrama September Dawn, in which he plays Utah governor Brigham Young--with full-on British accent.
Seems a tad harsh on ol' Jim. The movie is everything it claims to be, unless it claims to be anything more than a little 2-hour time-waster that's just one of those guilty little pleasures you'll Netflix three months from now. Not worth the theater trip, but give the guy a break, it looks to be a little family film with somewhat of an interesting premise to it. Perhaps made worse by the fact that he's totally in control of his answers, but still, it aims in middle ground, and for that, Carrey should be content. Not proud, but content. So his big days are over, so what? Let the guy relax a little. Films like these are the movie equivalent of relaxing in a jaccuzzi- You don't do it day-in, day-out, but every now and again it's fun to slip out of your brain for a little while and just roll with it.
I just what to see this

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