Film/TV Dec 18, 2008 at 4:00 am

Seven Pounds: So Full of Shit


hmmmm.... i would go see a film made about your review. when does that come out?
I concur. Just don't cast Will Smith in it, please!
is there such a thing as a helpful or useful movie review? didn't think so.
Does Will Smith at some point yell, "Aw, HELL no!" like he does in every movie he's in?
That's one sweet catchphrase he's got.

Punchington Out.
I doubt the movie was written with the lead character's race in mind.

I'm pretty sure Will Smith was cast in the movie because his pull with audiences, not because it helped make a statement about the death of the black male.

I agree with you that the movie is pretty lame though.
So, you didn't see it? Gothca.
Some fun you CAN have with Seven Pounds? Try watching the trailer and imagining it's a movie about Obama. It works. Kinda.
And I'm sure I'm not the first on this, but it seems come 2016/17 or so, Will Smith IS Barack Obama. Hmm...but who would direct?
If a black guy dies in it how bad can it be? j/k OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA :D :D :D
Awesome movie review!
For frick's sake, Charles, isn't it about time that the concept of "black male" or "white male" or "red male" or "purple male" kicks the frickin' bucket? How about squatting in a corner and giving birth to a new concept: "the male"? After growing up in central Detroit surrounded by black males, I'm tired of the crippling effect this crutch has upon young, budding boys that might otherwise have been allowed to grow into something beautiful and simple: men.
Charles Mudede is the greatest living everything.
If you're not going to entertain us with the specific reasons it's bad (not that I require more than "starring / including / referencing / was also seen by Will Smith"), then I'd really rather read a review of the movie you'd like it to be.
The movie was DUMB and DEPRESSING. AND STUPID. AND SAD. I highly recommend avoiding this movie unless you are into dumb, depressing, stupid, sad movies. Fuck the producers and whoever created the trailer to make it look like a "holiday" movie about generosity and love. Fuck them. The movie was about death and destruction.
so, should i see it or not?
As unfortunate as a certain obese, opiate-addict AM radio host's co-opting of David Ehrenstein's "Magic Negro" thesis was, this is but another screaming data point in the long-running 'Magic Negro' cinematic genre.

(Anything that lets one use a taboo word or thought, right 'SERIOUSBUISNESS'? Since, as you say "If a black guy dies in it how bad can it be"? The anonymity of this venue doesn't keep your douchebaggery from coming through. Good thing Ehrenstein didn't say 'mulatto', or we'd be contending w/ that term, too.)

Michael Clarke Duncan in 'The Green Mile'? Sidney Poitier (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner), Don Cheadle (Crash, Hotel Rwanda), Scatman Carothers (The Shining), Morgan Freeman (Driving Miss Daisy.) We should have a film festival highlighting the bifurcation: these films in one theatre, 'black on blonde' porn in the adjoining salle. For the sauna / snowbank effect.
Sung to the tune of Britney's "You wanna piece a me?"

It's a fable - see.
About redemption and the dangers of phone texting.

nuff said
What's wrong with you? Race has absolutely nothing to do with this film. I've watched the film twice, and I love it. It's about redemption and complete selflessness. I definitely recommend seeing this film!
wtf? is this a college lit class or a movie review? the only thing helpful was the "so full of shit" part.
Will Smith is black?
Ah... the ramblings of the overly educated with nothing substantial to say.

I'd give anything for a movie review from a movie reviewer.

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