The Godfather has topped best-of-American-film lists for so long that contrarians keep trying to pick it off, just for the thrill of the hunt. Fuck that shit. No movie comes close to touching The Godfather. There are a thousand examples of its perfection, and here's one: Nobody has ever made a cinematic death scene as towering, and as lonely and small, as the heart attack in the tomato garden. Added three-and-a-half-hour bonus: The Godfather Part II, cinema's greatest sequel, offering such a rich, dark, sprawling trip you'll be tempted to think it's better than the first, and you'll be wrong. Both films screen in lush new restorations. (SIFF Cinema, 321 Mercer St, 633-7151. Part one: 12:15 and 8 pm. Part two: 3:45 pm. $10. Through Jan 1.)