I remember, from reading Bruce Campbell's autobiography, that a couple of the actors in Evil Dead used different names, as they were SAG members and weren't allowed to be paid so little. I thought that might explain things, but a quick google shows that Betsy Baker wasn't one of them.
I spent a lot of time between 1996 and 1998 being confused and upset with the lack of genetic link between Jonathan Silverman and Sarah Silverman.
The fact that you spend time obsessing about an obscure actress from the original Evil Dead makes my heart go "squeeee!"
I won't know if they're identical until I sleep with both of them.
Maybe they're cousins.
Before I saw the links to the Silvermans I was totally going to say, "You mean like Jonathan and Sarah Silverman!?" I think someone needs to write a strongly worded letter to...someone, about this travesty of reality.
I didn't know until this very moment that the Silvermans weren't siblings. I guess I'm ten years behind the curve - and inexplicably disappointed.
Becky Ann was born on 1953 and Betsy was born on 1955 according to Wikipedia, so there's no need to go into womb logic debates. However Wikipedia also says that Becky Ann Baker was born Becky Gelke and later took her husband's name, so...
In other news: Humans are related to each other, even distantly.
also kind of looks like the lady in the advertisments on Metro saying something about getting back to work, as in getting schooling to end your unemployment rut.

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