Film/TV Oct 1, 2009 at 4:00 am

Drew Barrymore's Whip It Is Delightful


I cannot stand Drew Barrymore. It might be irrational, but every time I see her, I just want to smack her.
I've always been bothered by Drew Barrymore. It's like, we grew up in the same period with Sassy, punk, and bad ass, feminist teen girlfriends; with bands, Weetzie Bat, vintage clothes and all that. Yet somehow Drew has taken all of that nostalgia and made it all seem so cutesy-adorable and naive.

Like when Ellen Page's classmate says something like, "So what are you, alternative now?" and Ellen responds, "Alternative to what?" That's just so dumb. We all totally knew what that label meant and we liked it.

I feel like she has so much love for that stuff that she overly romanticizes it, and this affects the authenticity of her characters.

Of course, I haven't seen this movie yet and am going off of the previews and Drew's acting roles.
You know what?

Can't wait to see this.
2. I totally disagree. I think you're trying too hard. Is it personal?
The ad for it on the cover of this week's issue was also delightful.
This movie was excellent for the demographic of teen girls. I think it has a really strong feminist foundation. I applaud the movie for not revolving around Bliss's relationship with the boy (which many mainstream directors would have focused on more than the actual plot) and that winning wasn't treated as the ultimate goal. This held many good messages and didn't sell out to usual mainstream techniques of getting viewers in the seats. Def. worth seeing.
I have never commented on The Stranger before, and I never will again, but I realized something alarming while reading this review.

I hate Ellen Page like some people hate ABBA. I hate roller derby like I hate the Port-O-Potties rich people keep outside their homes for the workmen to use. I hate the fact that most of America, and especially most of Seattle, LOVES both Ellen Page AND roller derby. I hate how much money this movie is going to make, most particularly in this particular town.

And because, contrary to popular belief, I do understand the irony of the universe, I am quite sure that the only place I would ever possibly meet the person who might end up being my soulmate would be at a screening of this movie, and thus I will never meet that person. Ever. This is the way the universe keeps me single. And ALSO, if I ever (by some arcane craft) have children, this will end up being their favorite movie of all time. I know these things. I do.
I love you, Wes.

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