Art House deeply, deeply regrets not reviewing Lorna's Silence, a film by the Dardenne brothers, when it was released on August 28. How on earth can a column devoted to independent filmmaking fail to mention even one fucking word about a new film by two giants of independent filmmaking, the Dardenne brothers? Utterly astonishing, absolutely horrible, incredibly ridiculous. To make matters worse, it was one of the Dardenne brothers' most interesting films! It had a beautiful and almost voluptuous actress, Arta Dobroshi, and a great story—an Albanian immigrant (Dobroshi), who is married to a Belgian junkie for the useful (and loveless) purpose of obtaining citizenship, decides that the junkie's life is more important (or valuable) than her papers and her dream of owning a restaurant. The film ends in the woods, in a fairy-tale setting. The young immigrant is pregnant, the junkie is dead, the gangsters want to kill her—she has lost everything. The young immigrant (black eyes, white skin, pink lips) finds a book of matches, lights a fire in a dirty stove, warms her hands, and watches the flames. She has to begin a new life with nothing but the life that is growing within her. This moment will break the hardest heart. As for Art House? It has a promise to make, a promise to keep: Never again will it fail to cover a movie by the Dardenne brothers. You can take that to the bank. recommended