Why do Christians hate the world so much that they must create so much fiction glorifying it's end?

Christian mythology makes absolutely no sense.
Can we please have a world with only one bible left.
Who's number one? Samuel Jackson?
@3 I'm thinking Will Smith, assuming we're going solely on salaries.
@4, probably Will Smith.

It will be interesting to see how well this does compared to The Road.
Bleah, I meant @3.
Who let Mudede do film reviews?
I don't know, I'd say Morgan Freeman comes before Will Smith, at least right now. Morgan has been acting for the last 46 years. That is pretty damn successful. Actually, there is no way that Morgan Freeman comes before James Earl Jones, so now I am not sure.

Mudede, who did you mean?
@8 Will Smith makes way more bank than anyone else. However, I agree with you that Freeman and Jones (and Washington) are far more respectable.
women would only have two options: get raped regularly or become prostitutes

Women as objects or property... Yup, sounds pretty biblical to me. Throw in some good old fashion incest and this movie could be taught at Sunday school.
So it's like The Road, only with God instead of The Boy.

Is it as boring as The Road? Because that should never, ever, ever, in a million years have been made into a movie.
@1: It's the pre-Trib crowd that glorifies the end of the world. Namely, they believe that the rapture will happen before God throws the shit into the fan, so all those awful unbelievers and pagans and intellectuals will be the ones suffering through the thousand years of sorrow under the Antichrist (the Tribulation), while they'll be up in Heaven happily powdering His ass or whatever.

Seriously, this movie is about one crazy person trekking miles and miles to deliver a damn Bible? Haven't the Gideons done enough to make sure a scenario like this won't be necessary?
Smith, Washington, Freeman, Jackson. That's the order. Washington because he is often the leading actor in his films. Freeman cannot say the same.
The more I hear about the movie, the less interested I am in seeing it.

Making an epic journey to deliver a Bible is like the Count of Monte Cristo, only way less awesome: you give everything to accomplish something pointless and destructive, sure, but without all the glitz and glamour and delicious conniving hate.
I'm no survivalist or Christian, but what the hell do you all think the world would look post-apocalyptically?
Okay...first of all I like how "knat" seems to claim that intellectuals will be left after the "rapture". I guess a theologian can't be considered in that party? What a shallow perpective...grow a brain and stop generalizing....
Interloper, I'm using a generalization to define a group of right-wing crazies that generalizes others to begin with (anyone who believes other than exactly they do is thrown into the same pot, and this is this case, whether you believe it or not), and gleefully looks forward to the agonizing demise of most of the rest of the world. Don't expect me to apologize for generalizing about such people.

Also, I just read a review about this on i09, and apparently this is a retelling of Zardoz, and a lot of essential elements have been thrown out. Too bad that the titular holy book is no longer The Wizard of Oz, as in the original movie starring Sean Connery. Though it's good that they did away with the red fetish gear that Connery wore.
Washington plays an ass kicking post apocalyptic samurai with an i-pod. Yes, he has a post apocalyptic i-pod. And the twist at the end of the film only serves to make his character seem even more ridiculous. This movie is fucking stupid in almost M. Night Shyamalan proportions.
This movie is a sponsor of Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcast network. It appears on the Landing Page- near the "Clarification" of Pat Robertson's remarks about how Haiti got what it deserved via a deal with the devil 200 years ago. Do not see Eli- Boycott it. check out fb page "dontsee eli" tell your friends, check out the CBN website. Evil
too much gratuitous and graphic rapes for my liking, there was a rape almost every other scene, and they did not really further the plot. I found that offensive, and it was not mentioned in the rating.
So let me get this straight... in the post Apocalyptic era, there is only a single bible. That is, only a single copy of what is probably the most published book in existence, an inert stack of paper, glue and ink which requires no power source or moving parts to exist as a written text. But there are iPods? Unless there is a plot twist in there somewhat that involves Denzel being an insane person who actually lives in an upstate New York sanitarium, this has got to be the most ludicrously stupid plot for a high production value film that I have ever heard of.
@16 - Sorry, anyone who thinks that there is literally a giant man in the sky that will make every Christian float up into the air to live in the clouds before using his magic powers to torture the non-Christians for a thousand years does not belong in the group "intellectuals".
@3 etc.

Um, Sidney Poitier?
I'm supposed to route for Eli, right?

Nope. not feeling it.
So it's a sepia update on a "Boy and his Dog"?
Christian Armageddon porn bores me.
I would prefer that the book was "The Joy of Sex", just sayin'.
@21. It's a plot point that the other ones were deliberately destroyed by angry survivors of a nuclear war, because the war was possibly the result of religious fundamentalism. In context, in isn't so far fetched as you make it out to be.

Also, The story is pretty small scale in some ways. Eli is one guy, he has a Bible. Gary Oldman's character lives in one town, without a bible, and wants one. The movie doesn't address it much, but my view is that just because Eli says it is the only Bible left, doesn't necessarily make it the only Bible left.

I saw this movie and was totally disappointed. It seemed completely unfinished. It started out strong, and it could have been great if it hadn't ended so abruptly. When it came to the ending, I was like, "that's it?" It just seemed like the story could have had another hour worked into it, and it would have been the perfect length. I personally can't recommend this movie. It was an interesting premise, but it had the feel of a movie that had had a major subplot just cut out of it. Unfinished is the best way I can describe it.
smith? really? mudede you are a hack! smith has grown more as a rapper than an actor since the fresh prince was cancelled. will smith is totally one dimensional.

props to you mudede- finally a movie review that is more or less about the movie being reviewed and not your normal grandstanding BS about the underlying social issues!
When Eli was talking about how things were before the apocalypse he should have mentioned how they used to squander tens of millions of dollars on half-assed crap like this movie. That no doubt would have really boggled their minds. Dumb dumb dumb.
I think the overt use of religious notions hurts the acceptance of the movie. Urban secularists will avoid it; rural fundies and suburban promise keepers will want to go see it. And they will see it in their own cloudy vision. Even as a secularist, the inclination while watching this movie was to cringe at every religious mention or homage. But in fact, the religious involvement is, for the most part, just a MacGuffin, and the end does *not* come with a glorious message of God's Greatness and Triumph -- the sort of ending I was half expecting, but was pleased not to get. In fact, the ending is much, much more secular than the movie might otherwise lead you to believe. To that end, I think some of the fundies and McMansion homemaker/corporate exec families may actually be disappointed -- if they can see through their own preconceived fog.
This movie was the a story of how Gods word canot be destroyed no mater how much the evil in this world would want it to be, as Jesus said Himself in Luke 21:33
Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. No mater how good a movie is, if it has something good in it about God, the people in this world who dosnt except Gods free gift of eternal life will find fault in it to justify their own sinfull existance

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