Defamer is reporting that The Office's John Krasinski has the lead role in the upcoming Captain America movie "pretty much in the bag." Movieline, however, says that he's suddenly out of the running. For the past three weeks, fanboys online have been making stupid "Captain America looks at the camera, shrugs, and raises his eyebrows" jokes, as though Krasinski can only do one thing.

The internet fanboys, as is almost always the case, are wrong: John Krasinski should be Captain America. Yes, yes, I hear you: But...but...his ears! His chin! And he's so sensitive and mealy-mouthed! Good lord, his ears!" Here's the thing with the way he looks: He's a tall, strikingly handsome man who is lanky (good for pre-superhero moments of the film) and he probably has the disgusting actor genetics that would probably allow him to fill out really well after a few intense weeks in the gym. If you get somebody who looks the way people draw Captain America (God help me, Chris Evans is getting thrown about as a potential Captain America), you'll wind up with a hot, hunky slab of nothing.

And here's the thing with his mealy-mouthedness: We know from his film career that Krasinski can play earnest really well. And Captain America is an incredibly earnest character. He's humble, soft-spoken, smart, and even shy in personal situations. The people who want Captain America to be an always-loud, overconfident jackass with no self-doubt have no understanding of what the character is (read the Lee/Steranko run on Captain America if you want to see mealy-mouthed). The only leap of faith the filmmakers would have to take is that Krasinski's Captain America would have to be physically confident, and able to lead a bunch of soldiers into battle if he has to. I'm willing to bet that Krasinski could pull it off; it's called acting. And his role as a star football player in the highly underrated Leatherheads shows that he's about halfway there already.

All that said, Joe Johnson Johnston is directing Captain America, so no matter who stars in it, it will suck.