You're kidding, right? The singing was obviously calculated from the get-go to annoy and discombobulate the other contestants. Though you'd have a hard time finding an easier-to-discombobulate group of people anywhere in America. And the business with the dress rack? She's a pig. Comeuppance on its way, I'm certain.
I KNOW! But did you see her beautiful stunned face when the accusations started flying? And hear her soft, soulful, murmury denials? SHE'S A STAR! (And maybe a psychopath.)
Yes, and it makes me ramble on about a rabbit. Raven's next, but I hope Ru has the good sense to send Tyra home before she takes it. I completely agree with JuJuBee's assessment that she'd be a horrible drag superstar because of how lazy and childish she is.

Winner: Pandora
2nd: JuJuBee
3rd: Tatiana
4th: Jessica Wild
5th: Tyra
6th: Sahara
7th: Raven
raven should have won. i can't believe that she won, especially that it means she has immunity for next week. i shed no tears over morgan mcmichaels, but sahara could have gone home last night and i would've been ok with that too
Yes, Tyra's too problematic to actually win, and I'm totally rooting for JuJubee. (Though Sahara's Whitney impersonation made me love her...)
@2, I dunno -- her celebrity impersonation during "Snatch Game" (oh lord) in Episode 4 was deeply lame. Pandora's Carol Channing was UNBELIEVABLY GREAT, as was Tatiana's Britney Spears. I'll take comedy over lipsync every day, even if there are flying splits involved.
7: You're right, her Beyonce SUCKEDSUCKEDSUCKED.
Blip, you seem to infer that Tyra has a greater maturity than that of a three-year-old. I'm not sure that's the case. Also, how about that Jessica Wyld as a boy! Hello, nelly papi!
oh, and Tyra doesn't even try to have a voice compatible with her drag character. I find it insanely annoying, it's like Beyonce smoked a carton of cigarettes with bag of rocks as a chaser. @7--LOVED Pandora's Carol Channing!!! I also liked Tatiana's Britney, but after that, I'm realizing that Tatiana is rather like her Britney character physically. Especially with all the wig hair twirling during the "Untucked" bits).
8: it's because apparently she has too much respect for Beyonce to do an actual act. Which is bullshit, because really, what's the point otherwise? (Although the comment someone made that Beyonce's never done anything entertaining enough to do a comedy act around is totally true.)

Raven deserves to win nothing ever. I still want to punch her in the face. Tyra is at least amusing.
Tyra is clearly a cunt (and not the creative, unique, nerve and talent kind).

I want that bitch to go home. Though seeing Morgan leaving was a huge plus for me. My guess is that next week Raven is gone, possible Pandora's Box.
Pandora should win. Santino's an asshole about her sense of style (maybe he's a Rice Queen…?). Still, if any of them came to town to do a show, I'd pay to see Pandora perform and not really drag my ass two blocks to Broadway to see any of the other bitches.
Why is Jessica Wild (sp?) still on the show? Okay, I think he's attractive as his gay-man-self; but as a drag queen, he is terrible.
I gained a new level of appreciation for Tyra when she went into mean/pissed mode in full drag. FIERCE on every level. You could actually see the daggers shooting out of her eyes!

Based on next week's challenge (singing live) I think Raven, Pandora and Tyra are in trouble.

As for those commercials, they run once or twice during the broadcast. I like the Santino one, because at the end he appears to be outing himself in some way - or did everyone already know that Santino wants to put a sexy male bartender notch on his bedpost?
Did anyone else think Ru was going to get emotional at the sight of her babies in a tizzy? I sensed she was going to get more Mother Teresa than she actually did.
@15 They don't show the Santino one on!
I want to know how awful it will be for Tyra to get all the glue off her skin. Hope really, really, really painful.
Work it Jessica, Pandora and JuJubee!

I have to give up some respect for Ru and this fabulous show. The play on words, the cleverness of it all just thrills me to death!
Tyra's whole get-up was a mess! Raven was robbed! And I love Tatianna.
I hate Tyra's personality but she is a beautiful woman! I love Raven but I really hope the little Puerto Rican wins!
Tyra is a monster - so I want her to stick around for awhile in order to give me somebody to dislike. I personally think Pandora should win - her Carole Channing was sublime, she was the only one in that challenge that actually made me laugh. "I've just written I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" was hilarious.

Having hot-glued things to myself on several occasions (usually by accident) I can assure you that it sucks. The glue is hot enough to raise blisters - and I'm pretty sure it would melt those panty hose right onto her legs. Taking those off will most likely result in some skin loss!
Are people watching the Untucked show? Where we get to watch the girls drink (Absolut vodka drinks of course!) in the Interior Illusions Lounge (where did that name come from??). It's funny to watch them go at it, get all bitchy then apologize and pull it together. That show is a 22 min drama fest.
I am still pulling for Pandora. I agree @13, I don't know what the fuck Santino's problem is with her.
I'm sensing that Tyra (and Tyra fans) seems to think that total brat = diva. Which, I'm sorry, but no. I think she's the Glasscock of this season, in that she seems to be getting away with a lot because she is extremely pretty.

And am I the only who thinks that none of these ladies have even 1/10 the creativity, uniqueness, nerve and talent of BeBe and Nina? I find myself wishing that Nina had waited until this season to compete. She would have been first place with a bullet.
Oh how I miss Nina! Conversation at my house has devolved into cleverly crafted opportunities to exclaim "Now I'm all covered in TA-toos, and my career has never been better!"*

*This works surprisingly well after, say, removing a chicken from the oven.
Tyra is a sad wreck of a person. Too messy to win. Also if you watched the Untucked episode right after Mystique was sent home, Raven went on an absolute TEAR of fat jokes. Really ugly things came out of her mouth. Raven deserves to die in a fire. If you noticed last year, the two top winners were the two classiest, mature, put together bitches on the show that never talked shit about people....except about Rebecca who deserved it and then some. That's the way it should be.

I agree that Santino is just being a royal diva bitch witn Pandora and Jujubee too. They are the best two ladies up there and he just rips them apart all the time when they look amazing and wonderful. Oh god and HIS vodka commercial. That bit at the end where he flings a pick up line at the bartender is just creepy. CREEPY. EW! Like a lecherous, ugly old man trying to pick up some young thing at the bar. Ew ew ew. He is just gross.
@24, you are not alone in thinking that BeBe and Nina (and Onjina too) had more going on than this crop of hopefuls. Some of it could be that the challenges this season aren't letting us see as much of the personalities of the contestants like last season.

In the first season we, the viewers, were given more of an opportunity to get to know them as people, or at least what some of them stood for, as well as their hopes and ambitions. Even with the bits from "Untucked" a lot of that is missing - and may be one of the reasons that it has taken a number of episodes before many of us could really tell the girls apart.

I thought that Raven did quite well this week. While I'm surprised that Morgan was sent off, it did seem like her 'lipsync for your life' wasn't quite up to Sahara's - though considering how the camera was zooming around, it's hard to tell if that's a fair assessment, or just judicious editing to justify the choice.

Tyra is still a monster, and, due to her looks, will probably have a fine career - until she burns so many bridges that no one wants to work with her or hire her.

JuJuBee is right that the next drag superstar has to be worthy of being someone who can represent, and stand for something - and not be a hateful, immature brat. Also, it should be someone at least of the caliber of BeBe (beauty, heart, talent, dedication to being an example/role model).

I'm pulling for JuJuBee or Pandora to win this (though I can see JuJuBee winding up winning Miss Congeniality as did Ms. Nina Flowers last season).

I agree with David that BeBe's Absolut commercial is the best - though it is also the one that is aired the least. The worse one is with the female judge from the show (and Santino's is only 2nd worse in that regard). I can understand if Logo Online doesn't show either of the spots with the judges - they really aren't that good. Besides, the charm of the ads is to see contestants/old faves from last season.
I don't find any of this year's contestants as inspiring, either. But I do love Pandora. And I love how Ru reacted when it was announced that she was doing Carol Channing. At 37, she's the oldest queen, and I think one of the few who really gets it. Too bad she isn't drop dead gorgeous....but I am getting tired of that when there is nothing to back it up. Yeah, Tyra, I'm looking at your useless ass.

As for the ads: Yeah, "Now I'm all covered in TA-toos!" is my favorite thing to say, ever. And I love Ongina, but her ad makes me hate her. Bryan makes me vomit like always (I refuse to use his drag name cause he's so annoying). And though Bebe's ad is sort of the best, with repeat viewings it seems a bit bland. The voice is certainly seductive, but I'll take TA-toos any day!
I don't think Ru values camp as much as she does realness. Which makes me fear for Pandora's chances.
Abby and I seem to differ entirely on our opinions of who is despicable and who is simply mean. However I think Abby really needs to get over her absolute hatred of Raven- to say that Raven wasn't the best perfomance by far this week is absolutely ridiculous. He outdid Tyra hands down and didn't actively attempt to sabotage all the other girls with being an obnoxious twit either. That being said- I must agree that, while if it were only based on looks he'd have a very good chance of winning, Raven simply doesn't have the class currently to deserve to win. Frankly I have no idea who does yet. None do in my book.

Pandora is the nicest, but really doesn't have much of a presence. She's not all that glamorous and frankly her style IS lacking (though Santino is entirely too harsh)

Jujubee seems to simply fade into the background for me. She doesn't impress me on any level really.

Tatiana has absolutely horrible style- though he is the most convincing as a girl. I think he responds well to criticism though and has the most potential for growth. His personality is a bit prudish and bitchy, but so far is one of the more likeable of the crew.

Sahara is the most boring, forgettable one on the show. Hands down. I forget she exists until she shows up on screen, and even then my only reaction is "which one is that again?". And no, her Whitney was horrible. You want a good Whitney look up that woman from Mad TV. Anything less over-the-top than that is unacceptable. I want her off next hands down. At least Tyra is fun to hate. This lady is simply drag-wet-blanket.

Jessica Wilde is a very cute boy- and a very cute boy in a dress when dragged out. He is the least convincing queen there. And though he's trying and enthusiastic he simply makes for a tacky, unpretty girl. Like I said before- he may be trying his best but his best is an idiot.

Tyra is a bitch. A calculating, two-faced self-absorbed bitch with horrible teeth. Other than Sahara she is the least deserving to win this and I hope she doesn't stick around much longer.

And Raven? My personal favorite when it comes to looks and style- but it's hard to root for someone who has yet to show a soft, vulnerable side.

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