First off- thought of Greenzo the first time I saw the trailer and cracked right the fuck up. Good call.
Have to be honest here...didn't appreciate Ms. Sagen's incessant sarcasm in regards to Matt Damon's aging visage. Found it somewhat juvenile. Disrespectful. Mr. Damon is one of the preeminent icons of our modern popular culture. Of Western Civilization. He deserves far more than a mere comparison to an elderly man's lower-leg. Come now. He's a good guy. And he does good work. Both in & out of Hollywood. He's a genuine humanitarian. He saves lives. He supports organic farming. And biodiesel. It makes me wonder very much if Ms. Sagen was privy to any these worthwhile realities regarding the man. Now yes, Damon is moving on in years. Certainly. Gravity is again making its omnipower known by the affect it's having upon his famous mug. But we're all subject to such physical circumstance over time. Even the gigolo Clooney. Anyhow, and this is where it counts, I'm well aware of the critical-literary motif supported by this particular 'anti-establishment' weekly, and I usually find it quite enjoyable. It's a nice breath of youthful, cynical, subversive air. And Ms. Sagen obviously understands such things. It's also obvious she possesses an acute awareness of the elements that breed real cinema. There is enough evidence within this review to support such truth. But there could've been more. More depth of character study. More depth of narrative critique. Instead, the review itself begins to sully, much like the film itself I imagine, as Ms. Sagen's desire for off-putting sarcastic jabbery, mostly at Damon's expense, but also at the expense of the kindhearted Ms. Adams, takes the place of genuine filmic discussion. While reading this review, Ms. Sagen reminded me somewhat of the legend herself...a young Pauline Kael. A wit razor-sharp, yet still learning the proper ways to incise...
i wanted to catch this flick... but this review doesn't even give me enough to form an opinion. regardless, i enjoy a good espionage spy-thriller, but i'm afraid this film may be trying to be the 4th installment of the jason bourne franchise. it's even directed by paul green grass, who teamed up with damon on part 2 and 3 (the bourne supremacy & the bourne ultimatum). unfortunately those 2 were sub-par in comparison to part 1 (the bourne identity), directed by doug liman. anyway... if you thought this flick wasted a few hours of your life... i recommend catching the bourne series instead

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