The Charmin ad is targeting the models in the Calvin Klein ad.
Charmin is clearly advertising to bottom bears.

I'm not entirely sure why they don't sponsor events at The Eagle.
I refuse to buy their toilet paper out of sheer hatred of those commercials.
wiping our asses with old growth
I think there's somthing going on with these commercials that we don't know about…
It's totally targeting me, cause I have that damn problem all the time!
Strippers. It has to be, right?

I'm just waiting for the Charmin ad where the bear stands under a black light and is comically embarrassed to find glowing mini-wads of toilet paper in its crochal region.

Umm. Girl chiming in.

Cheap toilet paper falls apart when it gets wet. We all know this.

Where boys just use toilet paper on their back half, girls use it on their front half too.

You've heard cracks about upset women having sand in their vaginas. Cheap toilet paper isn't any more pleasant.
Thank you Christin! The Charmin bears are so butt-centric I didn't even consider ladies' frontal needs.
The toilet paper confetti effect is somewhat consternating when you consider that the tiny soiled pieces abrading off of the sheets as you use them are falling down inside your underwear to be carried around with you all day. I blame this on our obsession with softness in the paper over common sense. As if this price in unsanitariness weren't enough, I understand the production of ultra-soft toilet paper requires the use of new-wood fiber, as recycled just isn't soft enough. So we end up stinking in two dimensions: the hygenic and the environmental.But at least are behinds well cared for.
Once in art class, after the lunch break, the nude model had a piece of toilet paper hanging from her ass. True story.

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