"Success!" proclaims Megan Seling:

Remember in Can't Buy Me Love when they dressed up Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey as an astronomy-loving lost cause? They hid his hotness under a bad hairstyle and stupid glasses, so when the bitchy, spoiled, popular girl came along to give him a makeover, voilà! He was a hunk and she was a miracle worker. Barf. (See also: She's All That.) The star of She's Out of My League, though, Kirk (played by Jay Baruchel), really is a dork. Even when Baruchel tries to look Hollywood-hot in real life, he just looks like a scrawny nerd in fancy clothes with gel in his hair. But he's hilarious and endearingly goofy, so it's also completely plausible that chicks would love him.

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