If Spike Lee gets cheated again, 20/20 shall instantly lose all credibility with me.

And how the hell could they leave Kenneth Branagh's performance in Henry V off the list, huh?!
I am still pissed about Crash. Too pissed to go back to 1989.
Look, the Academy Awards aren't selected by you.

They are the selections of the Academy, and have more to do with what the members think deserves to happen, not what you want.

They were pissed at KB over what he did to a certain actress and some other jerk moves at the time, plus they rewarded someone else for what he had done in the PAST. It's pretty typical, actually.
I'd like to see some explanation for why they feel the Oscar winning movies are no longer relevant. I'm not disputing their choices, but that's a series of essays I'd like to read.
20/20 feels that Denzel Washington's Oscar-winning performance in Glory didn't even deserve to be nominated? That's flat-out crazy. And it leaves a sour taste in my mouth that 20/20 only nominated white actors from Do the Right Thing.

Beyond the acting awards, though, there isn't much difference between the 20/20 nominations and the Academy Awards nominations.
Maybe Weird Al Yankovic will get some recognition for UHF, finally!
This sounds like a completely pretentious circle jerk. It's one thing to disagree with the Academy (and they made a bunch of bad decisions, especially when it came to Best Picture and Best Director, in the 80s and 90s), but hosting your own award show - 20 years later? Please.
@7 yah, lets discourage people from building communities and creating new interesting social events that get people off the fucking couch that isn't 100% alcohol centric......well done matt the douche, keep up the great internet banter & criticisms, you're being a fantastic troll.
OK…I'll play. I do think there's something to be said about Time and Perspective, which the 20/20 awards are trying to value, beyond merely quibbling with the Academy. I think it would be great to have an Awards show that take this into account.

That said, here are my picks from there 1989 list:

Best Picture: Cinema Paradiso
Best Director: Do The Right Thing
Best Actor: John Cusack
Best Actress: Jessica Tandy
Best Supp Actor: Denzel Washington, Glory (off list)
Best Supp Actress: Brenda Fricker
Best Screenplay: When Harry Met Sally
Best Sceenplay (adapted): Driving Miss Daisy
Best Song: Fight The Power, Public Enemy, Do the Right Thing
Best Score: The Fabulous Baker Boys
Best Editing: Do The Right Thing
Best Cinematography: Glory
Best Costume Design: Driving Miss Daisy
Best Foriegn Film: Cinema Paradiso
Best Documentary: Roger and Me

I know, I know - instead of "correcting" the awards from 20 years ago, we could do it for this year. And everybody gets to vote! Except, um, you have to have seen every movie that's been nominated, and who's going to do that who isn't in the business? But still, it's a great idea. And we could throw a big fancy party and invite famous people and maybe even get on TV. Sounds pretty cool, eh?
It does sound a little pretentious...yeah seems like an excellent way to blow $7 admission (plus my $4.50 r/t bus fare) whilst paying for slightly overpriced drinks and mediocre food..suddenly turning into a $25 night including tip. no thanks, I just watched a shitty awards ceremony the other night.. other than that i enjoy attending the odd variety of Central Cinema's..the stranger goofballs would be the biggest draw for me.
@ 8, what the fuck are you talking about?
I love John Cusack. I even got to meet John Cusack once (he's HUGE!). I'll watch him in anything. But Best Actor over Kenneth Branagh? Not so much.
@ 13 - and by huge, you mean....tall?

Two words that are enough to choke me up during Oscar talk: Moonstruck and Cher.
The site doesn't work. It won't scroll down (if that's what it's supposed to do) past the best actor nominees. I'm using safari on a mac running x.
The site doesn't work. It won't scroll down (if that's what it's supposed to do) past the best actor nominees. I'm using safari on a mac running x. oooppss I mean firefox.
well it was a good way to waste my money. i did go, ate movie pizza, watched some wash-ups yuck it up like they probably do around their apt, living rooms, jeeze i wish this generation of seattle has-beens would move to LA or New York and let some new blood lurk around.

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