This is a movie where characters eat dessert first because lifes too short.
  • This is a movie where characters "eat dessert first" because "life's too short."

I couldn't not talk about the ending of this movie. And it is a surprise ending. So be warned:

There is a moment, about two-thirds of the way through Remember Me, when a glaring detail grabs the eyeball and will not let go. Robert Pattinson (in the role of Tyler, our brooding, notebook-scribbling, bicycling-emotionally-through-the-rain protagomope) stumbles broodily down the hall to his bedroom wearing—no, not regular pants—the biggest, baggiest, droopiest, lumpiest, Elephant-Manniest, cargoiest cargo pants in the history of disgusting pants and international freight. It jars the mind. Up until this moment, Tyler has been otherwise hot. WHY is he wearing those saggy thigh-diapers? What year does he think it is? Who hired my college RA to do the costume design for this movie? WHAT YEAR IS IT? THOSE CARGO PANTS MAKE ME WANT TO FUCKING LA-LA.

Little did I know, all was to become clear.

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