According to, SyFy (ugh, it hurts to even type that stupid acronym) is considering another Battlestar Galactica spin-off.

So far Caprica hasn't lived up to BSG for me… I love being reimmersed in the culture of the Twelve Colonies, but I just can't get excited about teen-girl-Cylon drama: "OMG I'm totally a robot but I totally don't want my dad to know because OMG my parents TOTALLY don't get me!" So I'm worried about another, even more watered-down spin-off. Discuss.

In other BSG news, my future husband Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) told me this past weekend at ComiCon that CBS has the rights to his new series, The Bridge, but have not yet picked a time-slot for it. (Yeah, that's right, we chatted when I went to his little celebrity corral. And he liked my tee-shirt, too. Jealous?)