What. The. Frak. That sounds awful! It's too soon! Too soon, I tell you! BSG is perfect as it is. Another spinoff is a mistake. I can't even speak in coherent sentences. No. Just no.

In other news... Every time we watch, everyone gets freaked out by how much Chief Tyrol looks like my husband. Yes, I know. It's okay to be jealous.
I just watched Caprica for the first time this weekend - got caught up on Hulu, which means I missed the first 2 eps and was thoroughly confused until I read recaps on TWoP. I did not care for the Little Wonder Zoe at first, but the more I watched the more I was able to get over that and was drawn into the drama of the world being portrayed. I can now say I'm hooked.

I don't know that I'd be psyched for another spin-off, especially so soon, but I'd be willing to at least give it a try.
You can watch episodes on Comcast On Demand as well (free).

Looking forward to the next spinoff!
I'm enjoying Caprica, but I'm not sure there needs to be another spinoff. I'm already watching too many shows.
BSG was already a full season too long, and the sheen on the mythos rubbed off about halfway through. All the rest of these series and minis (Razor, The Plan) are just dragging down the seasons and eps that were actually any good.

That said, if they did a slapstick comedy show featuring fat Lee, I'd watch.
Aaron Douglas is a doucheface. You can do better.
I've only seen the first episode of Caprica and AFAIK, it looks retarded. Bad acting. Lousy characters. Cheesy script. I don't want to watch a teenage drama.
Maybe we could have a spinoff where the Cylons get trapped on an island moon in space, let's call it Pandora, and they find giant statues of feet and can't get back.

And these Others attack the island moon and threaten to harvest all the resources - we'll call it Unobviousum - which the Cylons use to make long distance phone calls to their Battlestars.

What d'ya think? I can pump the script outline out by tomorrow ...
Why yes, I'm extremely jealous.
BSG was such an amazing jewel of a program that I can't imagine any spinoff being worth my time. If there's no Starbuck, Baltar or Zarick, what's the point?
Mary -- refuse! Refuse to use anything other than SciFi Channel. If no one in the media or blogosphere uses it, they'll ditch it eventually.
They'll never ditch it...because they can't use the "copyright infringement" label for SciFi, as it's become common usage.
@10 I will gladly do without another Baltar (oh, but how I do love to hate him!)

I'm enjoying Caprica so far. I'm a sucker for the cultural tidbits that come out of it (Toran tattoos, etc). What I would really love is to have a spinoff that focused on when the cylon/human drama was at it's peak before the cylons went off. Or..even a spinoff on the other other earth.

God, I'm such a geek.
Caprica is horrrrrrible... so is "SyFy"... coincidence that both things happened so close to the same time???
While watching BSG, all of the episodes and scenes I hated most took place on Caprica, so I have no desire to watch an entire spin-off based on that dull premise.

The thing I liked best about Caprica (in BSG) was that it was nuked out of existence within the first couple hours.
I watched the first 3 episodes of Caprica and, while I also enjoyed some of the cultural background snippets, I really have not been drawn in at all. I was kind of hoping to like it, but the writing is not that great and I don't really care about the characters... If I'm bored sometime I might get caught up, but I'm not in any rush...
Caprica is great. Bad acting? Eric Stoltz + Ladies from Deadwood and Rome, Ritchie Valens's brother from Labamba... In a decade Caprica will be recognized as being awesome, or atleast pretty ok.
Some of the writing's not that great, that's pretty hard to refute.
To quote my wife: "If Syfy (ugh) wanted to continue the BSG franchise, they could have done so by renewing the original new BSG series, instead of ending it with a lame luddite-ex-machina finale, followed by a lame spinoff, and then considering yet another lame spinoff. So they should eat shit and die."
Comcast's OnDemand has shitty commercials that pretty much ruin Caprica for me. I know, I know, I can mute the commercials. It was nice when it was like one commercial at a time not FIVE.

Anyway, I still am enjoying Caprica. Very good series so far.
Hell maybe they should do a spinoff about Kobol and the Opera House. That way it'd make the season-long multiple character hallucinations *mean* something.

Plus do we LUV all the Mormon mythos Glen Larson placed in the series? Council of the Twelve? Sealings? Kobol (based off of Kolob)? Keerazy.
Unlike SciFi, SyFy is precisely NOT an acronym (unlike NATO, radar, or laser, all words formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term). Instead it belongs to a family of words, like "boi" or "dudez" or "kewl", that are just stupidly spelled, which might be why it hurts to type it.
I find there to be aspects of Caprica I liked way more than I did BSG. The concept of AI is fascinating, and I guess maybe unless you're a true geek you don't understand what the frak this scientist just did and what the social ramifications of it is. The way it's filmed is beyond brilliant too, certainly on par if not better than BSG.

The drama with the little girl provides context to the issues scientists face, as well calls out money for how silly and useless it is. The endless greed, the brilliant mind who despises where society has taken technology, who sees the virtual as reality, who is the reality in the virtual world. The way they're moving this series is amazing, and I'm really sad you don't see how fracking awesome it is like I do.
I liked the societal aspects of Caprica a whole lot, and got to see the pilot months before it aired. I loved the acting. But there was just something about that didn't draw me in.

I think part of it may also be how the wife and I viewed BSG: we'd sometimes backload a half dozen on the DVR, and only catch up sporadically. We loved the show, but for some reason we didn't love *watching* it, if that made sense. To me it was like Band of Brothers, or Private Ryan, Schindler's, which is a shit comparison but all I can compare it to: the show would be such a fucking downer that we often just didn't WANT to watch it.

But once we'd fire it up over dinner... we'd do 4-5 episodes, and be miserable.

Very odd, but Caprica doesn't pull me in like that.
Now Stargate Universe, I am totally in love with, for having the balls to revamp the entire theme and tenor of what frankly is a very, very successful sci-fi franchise, and replace the heavily episodic/plot-driven military-alien political-survival tone of the originals with a slow, thoughtful, and almost completely character-driven straight up survival sci-fi story in the same 'universe'.

And for other SGU lovers, I totally called it: they're treating the entire season as one big episode/novel type narrative, if the 2nd half trailer is any indication, with new characters arriving on the Destiny, and what are clearly some awesome looking aliens coming through the ship's stargate. AND that wasn't in response to any view complaints: they wrapped on the entire season one like a month after the series premiered.
Awesome potential-filled premise, horrible execution, Caprica is. Loved BSG because it was smart, the whole "West WIng" in space schtick really got me. I stopped watching Caprica after the first episode, the writing and acting were last-10-minutes-of-a-Full-House-episode bad. I don't have any hope for another spin-off after this trainwreck.

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