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Yesterday was the celebration of St. Patrick's day. So, good luck (o' the Irish!) with your hangovers.

It was also my second visit to Central Cinema this month, and this time the feature was opened up by the improv stylings of Blood Squad, a troupe that performs improvised versions of horror films based on audience suggestions. I won't say I'm an improv veteran, but I first became a fan of it back in NYC, pre-9/11, at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Manhattan. And as the great Amy Poehler would remind her audience: no matter how gut-bustingly hilarious an improv sketch is, it is never ever funny when you try to explain it to your friends the next day. So, I'll just say: Blood Squad had great energy and made me laugh. You should check them out.

Leprechaun is a movie I saw countless times as a kid, so there weren't a lot of surprises for me (although seeing a young Jennifer Aniston made me feel sorry for her future self; she's Madonna-grade hot these days—all ripply and taut because she must work out at least 3 hours a day to maintain). Her character in the film—a preppy, vegetarian city girl who asks if the paint is biodegradable and won't drink anything but Evian—ends up battling a bloodthirsty, shoe-shining Leprechaun lookin' for his pot o' gold. The drunken audience commentary raised the absurdity of the plot to new levels.

Central Cinema served me green beer. As I don't normally celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I'd never had green beer before (I know; it's only food coloring), but I found out my limit was one and a half pints. Apparently I don't have the Irish stomach, and I went home with a Leprechaun-sized belly ache.

I had fun, though. Fun is what matters. Suggests approved.