Oh my God, you guys. Lindy's review will be up on Monday, but I want to get you before you plan your weekend: Hot Tub Time Machine is really fucking funny. I'm not going to get into a full-on review here (the plot is waaaaayyyyy too intricate for me to explain in a few dozen words on a blog, but let's just say that it involves a hot tub that is also a time machine) but this movie is completely charming on every level.

The actors all turn in fine performances. Cusack's not in his soul-dead paycheck mode, Craig Robinson keeps his streak going (he's seriously one of the best supporting comic actors in the business today), and Rob Corddry plays a cinematic idiot with a lot more depth than, say, David Koechner. And there's exactly enough Crispin Glover—in a perfect Crispin Glover role—to make the movie crackle.

Don't read the reviews (Ebert gives away way too much in his positive review.) Just know that this is a movie that is consistently amusing, that doesn't give away all the good moments in the trailer, and that it's raunchy without being mean-spirited and stupid without being condescending. Try to see it in a crowded theater (and, if you like that sort of thing, try to see it while under the influence of your favorite drug.) It's the very definition of good dumb fun.