Bunny Lake Is Missing, Otto Preminger's last great film, is about a missing girl. The victim is the daughter, Felicia, of a single mother, Ann Lake (Carol Lynley), who has just moved to London from the U.S. The mother has a brother, Steven (Keir Dullea), who lives and works in London, and the disappearance of the daughter happens almost immediately after she has settled in the brother's apartment. The daughter's nickname is Bunny, and the detective assigned to the case is Police Superintendent Newhouse (Laurence Olivier).

The movie is about madness. Does Bunny even exist? What is the real relationship between the handsome brother and beautiful sister? Are they actually related? Maybe Ann is not an American? What is the dark truth behind this missing 4-year-old girl? Preminger masterfully handles the mystery, never once missing an opportunity to exploit the incestual creepiness of the plot. Police Superintendent Newhouse gets closer to the truth; Ann becomes crazier and crazier.

There is another pleasure to this black-and-white feature: the character performed by Dullea. In 1968 (three years after Bunny), Dullea would transfer this self-satisfied, all- American type to the stars in 2001: A Space Odyssey. In both films, however, things do not end well for this character. Grand Illusion, Fri 7, 9 pm, Sat 7:30 pm, Mon—Wed 7, 9 pm.